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SynCare Behavioral Health offers psychiatric consultation, diagnosis, and psychiatric medication management with brief psychotherapy


We offer appointments via tele-health with limited availability for in-person appointments. Our office is located in Honolulu.

medication management for depression, anxiety, ptsd, adhd, and insomnia treatment_syncare behavioral health in Hawaii

Initial Psychiatric Consultation (60 minutes)

During the initial appointment, we will collect information about your current and past psychiatric and medical history, family and social history, and establish diagnoses. If the client is appropriate for SynCare, the client and provider will collaborate to determine a treatment plan. Sometimes, 2 evaluation sessions are needed for evaluation and medication determination.

If a client requires services that SynCare cannot provide, we will provide a list of nearby practices/providers for the client.

Follow-up Medication Management (20-30 minutes)

After the initial evaluation, if medication is prescribed, follow-up appointments are scheduled to clarify diagnoses, assess efficacy, tolerability, and illness symptoms. Because follow up appointments are scheduled for 20-30 minutes, they often include brief supportive therapy with cognitive, solution-focused, behavioral, and psychoeducational approaches.

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